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The originals of these testimonials can be examined, on request, at our premises.

"I would like to express a sincere thank you for all your help and support you have given to the school this year.... it is only with the support and guidance of people like yourself that we are able to care for the children in such a well rounded way."

Corpus Christi School

"Counselling has definitely changed my way of thinking and how I deal with things and also made my relationships with friends, family and work colleagues better"

PL Coventry

"The Counselling provided has massively helped a lot of our pupils .... We have a very good working relationship."

Barrs Hill School

"My career is now flourishing, thanks to the help my counsellor gave me in overcoming my personal barriers."

AF Coventry

"The service has been invaluable to many of our pupils. We are really appreciative of the dedication and work done with our many needy families."

St Osburg's School

"All is going well and I am benefiting from continuing my counselling."

MP Coventry

"My Counsellor really helped me to find ways of dealing with my anxieties"

NS Coventry

"We are very pleased to be continuing working with Abacus and we especially like the fact that parents can access the service if they feel the need."

Moseley Primary School

"Thank you Mary,  hard to believe my son , who suffers from Asperger's  Syndrome , is now in employment and feeling much more fulfilled."

RS Coventry

"Our relationship is now very positive. The sessions of couples counselling really enabled us to communicate effectively."

MD Coventry

"Lack of belief and poor self-image was always a problem for me, Mary, my counsellor helped me improve my self-esteem and empower myself, Thanks."

CC Coventry