Anger management counselling | Relationship counselling | Marriage counselling | Couple counselling | Stress management counselling


Abacus offers counselling in the following areas:

  • Confidence and motivation building
  • Depression
  • Bereavement
  • Divorce / Relationship Counselling
  • Advocacy
  • Adult survivors of abuse and domestic violence
  • Post traumatic stress / Stress management (anxiety/panic attacks)
  • Anger Management
  • Resolving childhood issues

Relationship Issues

Abacus Counsellors work with individuals and couples experiencing difficulties in relationships . They use methods based on successful therapies that aim to strengthen relationships, enhance intimacy, and promote relationship stability.


Many people enter mediation to seek resolve to traumatic issues and recognise the need for change to make life events manageable.

Abacus Counselling Services can help individuals by providing effective solutions and support positive changes to individual circumstances through a integrated, empathetic and productive approach.

The main aims are to support individuals to make informed and empowered decisions through an empathic , peaceful, caring and attentive process.


By using mentoring methods within counselling , Counsellors can support individuals beliefs and values in a positive way.

Consolidating a broader view of personal knowledge and experiences aids individuals to focus on career and personal development issues and open doors to other opportunities.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching allows individuals to explore personal aims and offers methods of support and encouragement for individuals to achieve personal success. Abacus Counsellors can support opportunities to personal improvement as well as practical ways to acknowledge individual achievements and goals.

Counsellors will actively listen and encourage individuals to talk through difficult issues and then take positive steps towards setting and achieving reachable goals.

By being committed and working together with their counsellor individuals can make positive and rewarding changes to personal life experiences.

Work Life Balance

Work-life is the practice of providing initiatives designed to create a more flexible, supportive work environment, enabling employees to focus on work tasks while at work.

Abacus Counselling consultancy facilitates liaison with statutory and voluntary organisations to support employees. Through this experience Abacus consolidates work culture that offers support, addresses life event needs and develops policies that equip employees and businesses to use flexible work practices as a strategy to meet positive dual needs.